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A Family Owned Company Dedicated to Serving the Transportation Guardrail Safety Industry.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can we get a quote from Fulton Tool Co. directly or do we have to purchase tools through the website?

A. Quotes are available directly from Fulton Tool Co as P-Cards and company purchasing procedures may have special requirements or limitations. Email us:  orders@fultontoolco.com.


Q. Do you offer Volume Discounts?

A. Package deals offered on the Fulton Tool Co website are essentially volume discounts. Larger orders may qualify for further discounts and are established on an individual basis.  Email Fulton tool Co. (orders@fultontoolco.com) for direct quotes.  

Q. Do you ship to Alaska and Hawaii?

A. Yes, UPS Ground and Freight LTL services are available to Alaska and Hawaii. 

Q. Can I buy a pair of Shuttle Handles that are both fitted with 2 pry bars or 2 alignment pins or are they only available in mixed pairs?

A. Shuttle handles are available only in mixed pairs, one with a pry bar end, the other with an alignment pin end.

Q. Can you ship Internationally?

A. International shipping is available but is limited and dependent on the destination Country. Email orders@fultontoolco.com for direct quotes.  

Q. Can Jib cranes be shipped via UPS ground?

A. No, Size and weight limitations mandate the shipping of jib cranes via LTL freight carrier.  A direct quote from  orders@fultontool.com will include the cost of shipping.

Q. Can an inventory of tools be compiled and palleted with jib cranes to ship, all via LTL freight?

A. No, Jib cranes are drop shipped from a different location than the Fulton Tool Co. Tools. 

Q. Are Fulton Tool Co. Tools made in America?

A. Absolutely, Fulton Tool Co. Tools are proudly made in America.

Q. Are Fulton Tool Co. Tools sold with a warranty?

A. Yes. Fulton Tool Co. Tools are warrantied against Manufacturing defects for 30 days.  While the powder coatings and heat cured polymer grip coatings are rugged and highly durable, they are not warrantied. 


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