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A Family Owned Company Dedicated to Serving the Transportation Guardrail Safety Industry.


Mazak Slant turn 30 CNC lathe. West Portal Industries, Craig, Colorado
Guardrail Lifting Tools Built by Fulton Tool Co
Guardrail Lifting Tool built by Fulton Tool Co.
Trapper Minning Inc. Leaders in the safe mining of low sulfur coal.  Moffat County Colorado
Craig Coal Station, Moffat County Colorado
Guardrail Hoisting device - Max 300  built by Fulton Tool Co
Jig Design, Fulton Tool Co.

Getting More Guardrail Work Done with less Time, Money and Man-Power.


Developed through the challenges of Colorado mountain highways, Fulton Tool Company has been listening, designing and manufacturing innovative tools that help make guardrail maintenance and repair safer, simpler, and more efficient. Drawing from over 25 years of hands-on experience in highway maintenance, we’ve refined and patented a full spectrum of guardrail tools, including, the Hover Rail Max 300.

Manufactured with exacting standards, and hand-crafted quality, Fulton Tools are built to take on the rugged environment of harsh highway conditions. Gone are the days of needing large crews to replace damaged rail. Using Fulton Tools, awkward, shin banging sections of rail are lifted, staged and fitted into position with a whole new level of safety and efficiency. 

Dedicated to  innovation, testing and craftsmanship, we at Fulton Tool Company take pride in our products and our work.  Not only are we providing tools that improve safety for workers in the field, we are engineering and manufacturing them with safety as job one.

 3d printing West Portal Industries Craig, Colorado
Double Crimped Cable Ferrule - Fulton Tool Co.
Vintage Robotic arm with counter balance

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